Dive In! Dive Watches for Underwater

My fiance’s birthday was coming up, and I knew the one thing on his wish list was a nice dive watch. But before I could even start looking for one, I had to know something about these underwater marvels, how they worked, and what made a good one. Here’s what I learned.


First of all, not all models are created equal. The best dive watches adhere to the ISO 6425 standards for diving watches, which at bare minimum means the instrument is water resistant at up to 330 ft (100 m) of pressure. That’s just to start. Most dive watches meet that minimum, but today’s technology has produced those that can exceed that range quite easily. Those that meet the ISO 6425 standards are marked with “DIVER’S” to discern between those that may or may not be satisfactory in actual scuba diving conditions.


Secondly, dive watches meeting the ISO 6425 rating must conform to standards for magnetic, chemical and shock resistance. They also must have superior readability even in pitch black water. (I don’t know about you, but thinking about being underwater in the pitch dark gives me the heebie-jeebies! But then, the watch isn’t for me.)


Additionally, the bezel must be marked clearly in five minute intervals and the watch must have distinct minute markings on the face. The diver must be able to tell—in the darkness!—that the watch is actually running. This is usually accomplished with a luminescent tail or tip on the second hand. There are tests for the hardiness of the band, as well. There must also be an EOL (end of life) indicator on battery-powered watches.


Thirdly, the ISO standards are completely voluntary and costly for the manufacturer, so diver, beware!


Diving watches can be analog or digital, and some of the more contemporary models use a combination of both. A far cry from when hard hat divers used to place their pocket watches inside of their helmets!

One nice thing about many recent models is that they can be worn as jewelry or as exceptional mechanical devices. Diving watches have become status symbols for those who have accomplished their certification in scuba diving, but are worn by other sportsmen and women as well, due to their attractiveness and usefulness. That means he can wear his dive watch to our wedding rehearsal and still look good!


Blog Source: Toughwatches