How To Raise Resposible Children

Raising responsible children is the dream of every parent. It makes a parent happy seeing her children responsible and able to make decisions on their own what chores to be done. Many parents struggle with how they can make their children perform simple chores effectively and this is attributed to lack of proper training by the parent. Children like being valuable, they like it when they are given opportunity to perform tasks in the family. Training children on household chores can begin as early as 3-4 years.

Start early training the children on simple tasks while still young. Children like imitating things so as you do tasks encourage them to imitate how you do the tasks. Waiting till they are grown is likely to make them be resistant to doing the same tasks, they will assume that it is not there duty.

Let them show others what they learn. Encourage them to teach one another this will reinforce the skill further. Giving children opportunity to teach others what they have learned not only reinforce the skill but in helps boosting their self esteem as well.

Avoid shouting at them. Shouting at children reinforces the fear of making mistakes so next time they will shy away from doing the same thing due to fear of making mistake and being shouted at. This hinders them from being open to learning. Instead encourage them that we learn through mistakes.

Encourage sharing of tasks amongst the children. Avoid allocating tasks that seem unpleasing to a specific child and allocating lighter ones to another child. If the children are of good age, let them balance work equally amongst themselves so that none of them feels overburdened.

Remind them constantly to complete their chores. Children can be playful and forget to do their chores or they can just assume especially when expected to do some taxing chores. If they end up assuming their tasks, they are likely to repeat the same habit until it becomes part of their lives.

Encourage them even when they don’t do well. Given they are still young they are not likely to do their jobs well. It is good to encourage them as what is important at this stage is just that act of performing the task. That is the culture you want to encourage as the child progresses in age, a few highlights can be given on doing good work.

Develop a work culture in them. Children are good at imitating things that parents do, if a parent is lazy and not willing to show responsibility, a child will just behave the same way. If you want the child to be responsible then begin by showing responsibility yourself. A child will emulate virtually everything from the way a parent talks, reacts to issues, responds to threats.

Let the children suffer the consequences of not taking responsibility. If you assign them a task, you don’t have to come to their aid and do for them Let them know there is no way around the task they just have to do it.

Pictures source: Queen of the Universe Alec Couros