Who Wants Some Coffee?

Whether your beloved coffeemaker has broken down, or you are in the early stages of caffeine addiction and need a source for yourself; a drip coffee maker is in your future. There are the ten dollar makers you catch at the local store, and there are the machines that cost hundreds of dollars. The one you choose should reflect how much you need your coffee.

What do you need, really?

If you want a drip coffee maker, there are more than a few options out there from which to choose. If you are more of a recreational coffee drinker, then you really don’t need anything fancy. There isn’t really anything magical about the process of making coffee, hot water drops through ground coffee beans and drips into the waiting pot. There are differences in the flow rates and temperatures of automatic drip coffee makers, but usually a coffee maker is a coffee maker is a coffee maker. If you are a more habitual coffee drinker, then there may be more to look for when you are buying your coffee maker.


All those bells and whistles

You start things off with the basics: a machine that warms water and drops it through the ground coffee. You can then look at wanting more from your drip coffee maker. Automatic timers, smart warming cycles, and more setting options for how the coffee is to made are all options that you can look for when deciding which maker is the one that will best work for you. Of course, the amount of features that each machine offers will have an effect on the price, but you want to know you are buying features that you will use.


Pick the right one

The many options available might look like a bunch of good ideas at first, but don’t get all the options just because they are available. A timer sounds like a great idea to a lot of people. Often, they find that the time goes unused as their morning routine has grown to involve at least some of the steps of making their go-juice. If you are just looking for a replacement, then just get a replacement. The machines that you use aren’t going to change your routine unless you are planning to change the routine. Don’t be afraid to buy a cheap drip coffee maker if you just need something to make some hot brown caffeine-water. Get something that is well-made, but don’t break the bank on features that you won’t really use.

Blog Source: www.matthew-epstein.com